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Lørn University is led by Silvija Seres, and is the leading digital university in Norway. Lørn University offers audio based micro-learning, which are revolutionizing the way people learn. Knowledge-rich micro grades can be acquired anywhere and anytime!

The leading corporate educator in Norway

In only three years, LØRN has quickly established themselves as a high quality corporate educator, offering courses ranging from technology, leadership, politics and much more


1000 micro-courses

Our university holds more than 1000 micro courses 


2500 certificates

In just 2 years LØRN students has taken more than 2500 certificates combined


1000 students

Our university is trusted by more than 1000 students from all around the world


5 academic institutions

We have courses with some of Norways top academic institutions


30 corporate partners

Explore courses with one of our 30 corporate partners


10 public partners

We also have partners in the public sector. You find them in our course collections

What our students say


I have now been a member at Lørn university for about 8 months and have all taken well over 40 micro courses. A fantastic learning initiative that I have become completely dependent on in this ever changing work environment. Change and digitization have really been put on the agenda and more so than ever during the Covid pandemic and for me, the LØRN university has been my salvation :) 

Håkon Raugland
Digital campaign manager, Coca Cola

Makes learning fun and accessible

Finally a learning management system that makes it possible in a hectic work environment. Listening to podcasts is a fantastic efficient way to learn while being productive with other tasks. I really enjoy how much new content is released weekly which makes the content ever relevant

Susanne Njølstad


Jeg er med! Takk til Silvija Seres og OsloMET for en l@rerik lørndag, full av energi og utfordrende spørsmål. #Livslanglæring #transformativt

Tale Kvalvaag
Tale Kvalvaag
Oslo MET

Our partner courses

Academic course focusing on technology and leadership with Oslo MET

With these courses, OsloMet reveals which parts of society must change with technology, and in what way.

The future of hospitality during Covid with Sundvolden Hotel

When the Covid pandemic hit the world, demand in the service industry fell by an average of 80% from one day to the next. But some adjusted - which paid off!

Teknologiformidling collects technology cases across Norway

With support from Teknologiformidling, LØRN has made 53 podcasts with stories from local SMEs around the country to inform about Norway's best technology investments. Learn about them here and test yourself 

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Every month we release new courses that are free for all our members. All you have to do is register and you can access the courses in your recommended courses as well as in course collection. 

January 2021

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