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A global mindset

Gjest: Jennifer Vessels

Founder, leader of Executive Growth Alliance and speaker

Next Step

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of#LØRN, we have invited Future Ready Innovator for Next Step, Jennifer Vessels. In a conversation with Silvija Seres, we get to learn more about her work in Silicon Valley, where innovation comes through action. We have a look at how to get out of your comfort zone, and how to be willing to take risks to reach your goals. They also discuss challenges and opportunities for the future. Vessels calls herself a global nomad and has worked and lived with clients all around the world, which gave her the opportunity to see the power and greatness that comes through learning from one another, sharing perspectives, empowering, and embracing diversity.  

Who are you, personally and professionally? 
Community builder, a facilitator with a strategic vision combined with a practical ‘get it done’ approach... I identify opportunities and challenges, identify resources, build/facilitate/lead a team to address needs, learn, reflect and grow.  

Global nomad – home ‘base’ silicon valley - lived worked in Norway, Belgium, UK and with clients/teams across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia... Love the diversity and see to power and greatness that comes through learning from one another, sharing perspectives, empowering, and embracing diversity... 

Results of co-creation are greater than the sum of the parts. 

What does your organization deliver, most easily explained? 
Next Step delivers improved business results and value – through increased revenue generation/sales capabilities; enhanced marketing/go-to-market approaches they deliver measurable results and leadership/culture/business model transformation. EGA: Future-readiness for organizations and business leaders – through active learning, peer collaboration, and co-invention of new solutions, revenue streams, and opportunities. We do this by connecting 6-10 global leaders (from different companies, industries, locations) who have similar challenges or goals. Through regular facilitated peer circles, they address challenges, develop new opportunities and take action to drive change.  

What are your main focuses/what are you best at? 
I am good at seeing the big picture, identifying the opportunities/ways to grow and improve then facilitating others’ work and collaboration to bring the picture/strategy to life in the real world. 

Who inspires you? 
Those who have demonstrated commitment, integrity, persistence, and an ability to truly change the world such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and the real ‘leaders of Silicon Valley.  

Your most important project in the last year? 
Expanding EGA – After a highly successful pilot of 3 Circles and a global summit in Oslo Norway in August 2019 we were just ready to launch globally in early 2020 with local events and global (virtual interaction) circles. When the pandemic and resulting lockdowns occurred, all of our members and Open Committed Brave leaders in all companies quickly recognized the need to change, and ‘future readiness’ became top of mind. We quickly adapted to accommodate these needs through 100% focus on immediate ‘real-world’ Specific Actionable Challenges in each Circle, certified additional Catalysts (who qualify members, build SACs and facilitate the Executive Growth Circles. Since March 2020 we have delivered real change/impact through over 85 Executive Growth Circles in which leaders from IKEA, Wilhelmsen, Norwegian Air, Cisco, Schneider Electric, CGI, YMCA, Enterprise Car, Nordic Choice, Rabobank, and many others have gained valuable insights leading to powerful breakthroughs and tangible results.  

Does Norway have any unique opportunities? 
Great technical, scientific skills; education/academia, and research.. when it is built in Norway it is great – there is however a HUGE opportunity for Norwegian leaders (business, govt, society) to learn from, collaborate with, engage and embrace the business, scrappiness, innovation skills/mindset and culture from centers of innovation (S Valley, Israel, etc). 

Best surprise from Covid-19? 
How quickly people, organizations, and our global society CAN change and adapt; resiliency in people and the similarities between us across geos, cultures, industries, and companies. 

Can sustainability be used as a growth engine?  
Yes.. the need for sustainability goes across all industries and companies globally. For successful growth in the sustainability area (or any new market), a company’s leaders need to: 

  1. Understand the market / their clients, customers, prospects needs; 
  2. Determine what unique advantages/capabilities/value props they bring to customers within the market (to meet the needs); 
  3. Start with a small initiative in which their value prop/capability/offering uniquely addresses the sustainability needs of companies, deliver value and grow from there; 
  4. Review / evaluate, shift / adapt and expand. 

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I get inspired by those who have demonstrated commitment, integrity, persistence, and an ability to truly change the world such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and the real ‘leaders of Silicon Valley’

Jennifer Vessels

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Next Step improves revenue results and time to market in the US for international companies through an in-depth understanding of target market drivers, development of compelling unique value proposition, and building a highly effective sales process and team. Based in Silicon Valley with a presence in all key US markets, Next Steps team of 35 seasoned consultants can provide all of the resources and connections your company needs to gain awareness and success selling in the US.