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Collection: OCEANTECH, NCE Seafood Innovation

Standardization and Sensors

Gjest: Tomas Finnøy and Emek Seyrek

CTO and manager/consultant

Fishency Innovation and Saite Consulting

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #, LORN Silvija talks to Emek Seyrek, the CTO of Fishency Innovation, and Tomas Finnøy, the manager of Saite Consulting, and consultant to Aquacloud about the challenges involved in processing, collecting, and collating sensory. They explain how standardization can be a vital component in creating effective and usable systems for both the supplier side and the user side in aquaculture. It delves into how exactly the companies involved in aquaculture can gain through having access to the aqua cloud and how the whole industry can benefit from its adoption.  

Who are you, personally and professionally?  
Emek: Personally, I am a curious science and tech geek, mother of 2 boys, a globe-trotter world citizen. Professionally, engineer/scientist seeking diverse challenges to devise novel solutions, currently CTO and co-founder of Fishency Innovation. Tomas: Coder, manager, strategist with deep technological roots.

What is your education and do you have any hobbies?
Emek: Chemical Engineer Ph.D., specialized in biotech. My hobbies include travel and running. 

Tomas: BEng in Microelectronics & Software Eng. My hobbies are coding, food, arts, and music.

What does your organization do, and why do people buy from you/work with you?
Emek: We sell an AI-based fish health monitoring device and service for salmon fish farmers. The farmers need to have healthy fish, that need to be monitored continuously, and not an easy task underwater.
Tomas: Aquacloud’s goal is to help establish standards and platforms for better cooperation and data sharing in the Aquaculture industry.

What does digital transformation mean to you?
Emek: Digital transformation is the biggest opportunity in our world right now, whoever gets on the train earlier will be the winner! Tomas: Identification and implementation of improved business processes with the aid of digital tools.

What is the most important project you have worked on in the last year?
Emek: Develop an automated sea lice detection system for salmon farms. Tomas: Aquacloud Sensor Data Standard.

Who inspires you?
Emek: Anybody who has a positive impact on our world and environment, regardless of age, size of business, or amount of money involved! Tomas: People with passion.

What do you think is relevant knowledge for the future?
Emek: Emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence!
Tomas: Understanding how to navigate the intense information flow today.

What are the main new perspectives you have gained from Covid?
Emek: Regardless of the many bad things we can say about covid, the increased awareness has made me more hopeful about fighting against global challenges with common activities, like we’re doing with Covid, and maybe the same can happen for climate change and the protection of oceans! Hopefully, we won’t wait until it’s too late.

Another positive perspective: great opportunity to connect bright minds from different places from the Globe, join forces to solve global problems. We have proven that we can work and deliver even if the team is spread out.
Tomas: Old traditions don’t fit into the future.

And finally, do you have any important sustainability perspectives?
Emek: Sustainability starts with good data.
Tomas: Good intentions are not enough.


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Tomas Finnøy and Emek Seyrek

Dette er Fishency Innovation and Saite Consulting

Fishency Innovation was established in 2017 through the X2 Labs Blue Revolution program. They have gathered passion and talent and are committed and motivated to create and deliver an affordable solution based on computer-driven technology.    
Their mission is to create a digital solution to optimize the use of our fishery resources. They want to replace the current manual inspection of salmon with machine inspection.