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Collection: OCEANTECH, NCE Seafood Innovation

The value of standardization work

Gjest: Björgolfur Hávardsson

Innovation manager

NCE Seafood Innovation

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to the innovation manager at NCE seafood innovation, Björgolfur Hávardsson.  Hávardsson describes himself as maniacally interested in fish and explains in the episode why we need a cluster and why he believes that without standardization, all technological development and implementation be very chaotic. He goes on to say that there are two main customer groups that standardization is for, those who develop solutions and services and those who use them.

Who are you, personally and professionally?  
 At a personal level, I guess I am the clown, but also a dedicated father and partner.  I strongly believe in passion. Do what you do with all you have to give. Professionally, well I am very result-oriented, a believer in working hard and delivering on time and as planned. I soak up information and I have a good big picture understanding and some detailed understanding and then I am lousy at saying NO. 

What does your organization do, and why do people buy from you/work with you? 
In our organization, we work to support sustainable growth in Norwegian aquaculture.  We work along three intertwined tracks.  Talent development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Companies work with us because they feel they have a common cause in delivering on our common sustainability ambition, and that we are a company that is achieving something in the field.  Some issues are so large and industry-encompassing that one company will not make headway. Together we are strong enough. 

What does digital transformation mean to you? 
Digital transformation to me is the ability to learn fast, develop quickly and illuminate the way we approach our work and operations through smart use of technology, but not with a focus on tech. It is a little like electrification. One is not interested in the technology of electrification, but what we illuminate with the light. 

Your own most important job projects in the last year?  
I think that must be the “Land meets Ocean” project.  We cooperate with three other clusters across food systems and technology to utilize new resources, open hidden doors and stimulate novel growth across all sectors.

Your 3 best management tips?  
Communicate a clear goal.  Trust your colleagues. Ask for help/give help when asked. 

What motivates your work? 
The joy of learning, of seeing my effort amount to something greater than myself. Also, being good at it! 

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We are good, not only because we have a lot of fish and because we have a coast, we are so good first and foremost because we had the curiosity and the guts to try out something so crazy as taking the salmon in a net pen.

Björgolfur Hávardsson

Dette er NCE Seafood Innovation

NCE Seafood Innovation aims to contribute to sustainable seafood growth, by focusing on innovation.

They believe that mobilizing joint forces is the way forward, and their cluster contributes through sustainable innovation projects and by facilitating interaction across the industry. Promoting team efforts is a focal point.