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Collection: CLEANTECH, Norges Handelshøyskole

The Future of Digital Assurance

Gjest: Kenneth Vareide and Luca Crisciotti

CEO Digital Solutions and CEO Supply Chains and Product Assurance


Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LORN Silvija talks to Kenneth Vareide, the CEO of digital solutions and Luca Crisciotti, CEO of supply chain and product assurance at DNV, about the challenges they face in innovating clean solutions for the future. They also touch upon why DNV’s strategy may become the sexy business model of the future, and how digital assurance relates to sustainability and the benefits of Norwegian business culture. It also details why, if we are always keeping the next generation in mind, it is essential for us to have data we can trust.  

What is your education, and do you have any hobbies? 
Luca: I have an M.Sc Naval architect from NTNU – 1996, a Master in Technology Management from NTNU and NHH, in cooperation with MIT Sloan – 2006. My hobbies include cooking (the dream is to open a restaurant!), tennis/padel, diving/snorkeling/fishing, and photography. 
Kenneth: Food and drinks, create and make it yourself. In particular bread making and beer brewing! 

What is your professional dream?  
Luca: My dream is to be impactful, fair, and inclusive (and to have fun too)! 
Kenneth: We are a purpose-driven company (“safeguard life, property, and the environment”), and to see that our vision (“a trusted voice to tackle global transformations”) comes through feels very meaningful to me, particularly as we are entering a decade of transformation(s). Can I be part of some things that makes a lasting difference? 

What is your project at work, and why it is important?  
Luca: My project is to shape the future of assurance, to build trust in products, assets, and transactions. 
Kenneth:  I used to say that technology is all about people. As far as I’m concerned, we will never take the humans out of the loop, it is in the interaction between people/technology/business where the magic is happening, and what makes this all come to life through value creation is leadership. 

What are the interesting dilemmas? 
Luca: How to energize your core people/business while building disruptive products and services. 
Kenneth: Growth vs. profitability – what is “value creation” and how to measure it through the stages. 

How does it relate to digitalization, in simplest terms? 
Luca: Transactions and the new business models linked to that. 
Kenneth: New ways of generating, distributing, and capturing value by for example a new business model.  

How does it relate to sustainability, in simplest terms? 
Luca: TTT (telling the truth) and ESG (Environmental Social Governance). 
Kenneth: It’s all about our children 

 What are your views on skills for the future? 
Luca: Cognitive flexibility, emotional and social intelligence, and problem-solving. 
Kenneth: Creativity and curiosity, the urge to do lifelong learning because it’s more a mindset, than skills. Teamwork and collaboration in order to solve complex problems. 

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We will never take humans out of the loop, it is in the interaction between people, technology and business where the magic happens

Kenneth Vareide and Luca Crisciotti

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