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Collection: CLEANTECH, Norges Handelshøyskole

A Strategy for Sustainability

Gjest: Ellen Skarsgård and Lin Hammer

Sustainability Manager and Head of Sustainability Development and Climate


Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to Lin Hammer (sustainability manager) and Ellen Skarsgård (head of sustainable development and climate) from DNV to discover exactly how DNV is utilizing sustainable strategy and sustainability reporting in order to increase its viability in future years. They specifically discuss how taking sustainable strategy and reporting seriously may involve questioning the company’s identity and lead to a shift in how a company will operate. This shift may be inspired by questioning both how and if a company may be successful in the future, and the culture change may come from the very top through ambitious goal setting and the goals being clearly measurable.  

What is your education and do you have any hobbies? 
Lin:  Production manager for film & television. Hobbies: Gardening, bicycling, hikes, kayaking, swimming, reading & knitting.
Ellen: BSc Government & Foreign policies, University of Wales and Six Sigma Black Belt project management. My hobbies include running and sailing. I teach kids to sail in a local sailing club. 

What is your professional dream? 
Lin: Contributing to others development 
Ellen: I have just started my new role; it is certainly part of my professional dream!  

What is your project at work, and why is it important? 
Lin: ESG/Sustainability – because it is vital to secure a sustainable future for nature and future generations.
Ellen: The sense of urgency when it comes to sustainability has picked up. In particular, what this means for how companies, societies, and individual behavior must not only adapt, but transform. 
Sustainability is an integral part of the new strategy and we are working both to get our house in order and to help customers do the same. Our goals to reduce our carbon footprint by 50%, switch to 100% renewable electricity and become climate positive will get our house in order. The far greater impact is how we advise customers to decarbonize, improve ESG and make an impact on the sustainable development goals. 

Why is it challenging, and how do you build the culture around this work? 
Lin: Because it requires change. Leading by example, motivating through connecting with relevance for the person I talk to. 
Ellen: We have extremely passionate and motivated employees at DNV that care about delivering on our purpose and are excited about the new strategy.  Our vision directs us to be a trusted voice to tackle global transformations. To take this role we need services that help our customers to tackle the energy transition, decarbonization, digital transformation. And to be a trusted voice, we need to make sure that we have our own house in order. That we are living what we are preaching.  

Any interesting dilemmas? 
Lin: (1) Profitability vs save the planet and (2) that we can contribute more than we think.
Ellen: Our goal to switch to 100% renewable electricity is an ambitious, hairy goal, which we don’t yet have the answer to. We have 276 offices and labs in regions and countries where there is currently little renewable electricity. This is a challenge that many of our big customers and brands are trying to achieve which as well gives us the opportunity to use our own in-house expertise; Energy systems, Instatrust; when exploring our options. Do we need to look at what does green really means? How can we ensure that in switching, we are making a long-term change? 

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The sense of urgency when it comes to sustainability has picked up. In particular, what this means for how companies, societies and individual behaviour must not only adapt, but transform 

Ellen Skarsgård and Lin Hammer

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