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Serve Your Purpose

Gjest: Kjetil Ebbesberg



Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to the group CFO in DNV, Kjetil Ebbesberg. Ebbesberg teaches us about the mentality behind how finance experts will meet the challenges we will be facing in the current business environment as well as in the future. They discuss what the financial institutions are expecting from markets and individual businesses and how sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a priority for any ambitious and forward-thinking CFO.  

Your professional dream?
To be significant where I am at – in what I do. 

Your project at work, and why it is important? 
Live the Purpose (Safeguard Life, Property, and Environment) and the Values of DNV (We Care, Dare and Share). Deliver on our Vision to Help our customers tackle global transformations. Support DNV in profitably growing our business 50% over the next few years, being the leading digital assurance provider within Maritime and low carbon Energy while building leading positions in ESG, Digital Health, and Cyber Security. Ensure that the Finance & Legal organization throughout DNV understands how to best enable this. 
Why is it challenging, and how do you build the culture around this work? 
This is challenging because it is 1) an ambitious strategy, 2) a fast-changing world, 3) a company present in 100 countries with different cultures and ways of doing business. 
We build a thorough understanding of what our strategy is, why it is like it is and what individuals and teams can and need to do to deliver on it. It all comes down to each of us understanding the implications for ourselves and our teams – and the enthusiasm we can build to pursue it.  

Any interesting dilemmas?
We are helping customers transition their businesses by way of using new, advanced technologies. The introduction of new technologies will leave old ways obsolete – at faster and faster speeds. There will always be people and businesses suffering from such fast transitions, which need to be catered for (by society).  

Relation to digitalization, in simplest terms 
More digitalization is at the core of DNV and our strategy. That is probably what we work with the most. All the ways from which services we will offer in the future, how we will deliver them to the customers to how we are organizing our internal processes.  

Relation to sustainability, in simplest terms 
Our Purpose has been the same since the beginning of 1864. We are on this planet to Safeguard Life, Property, and the Environment. And we do that on a global scale – being present in 100 countries. That means our purpose of existing is to ensure a sustainable world.  

Your view on skills for the future?
Adaptability and openness are probably the most fundamental skill needed. The world, businesses, everyday tasks are changing fast and you need to be at peace with this to succeed. The world is becoming smaller and we all need to relate to changes in our societies and our businesses from that. Digital skills are another one that will be more and more important – not necessarily on a technical level but on a conceptual and user level. 

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Kjetil Ebbesberg

Dette er DNV

They are an independent expert in assurance and risk management. Driven by their purpose, to safeguard life, property and the environment, they empower their customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence.