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Collection: Digital Marketing with Ida Serneberg

LØRN MASTERS in Digital Marketing with Ida Serneberg, lecture 01 introduction

Gjest: Ida Serneberg

Program Leader

Noroff School of technology and digital media

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this masterclass by #LORN, Ida Serneberg, the program leader in digital marketing and social media at the Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, gives a course on digital marketing, focusing on its evolution over time on social media platforms. She reveals the details behind what is happening in the industry right now, the key moments in social media’s history that have defined today’s reality, and why she cannot tell her students exactly how digital marketing on social media will look in the future.  

What is your education and do you have any hobbies? 
Master's degree in Social Sciences with a major in communications. I wrote my master's thesis on change in the digital era. I am also a qualified teacher who loves reading and swimming.

What is your professional motivation, your main project at work, why is it important? 
I teach the marketers of the future! I think it is so motivational to see people thrive, and today's world requires much more adaptability and change.   

Can you explain your topic concisely?  
Digital marketing: the art of fulfilling a goal, with the use of (sometimes digital) technology. Digital ethics: the art of understanding human behavior online - and how technology affects human behavior (and the other way around).   

What is the basic history of the subject, and its 5 main concepts? 
Simply said: Searchability, Scalability, Replicability, Persistence, Constant Connectivity, and participatory quality.    

What does a successful implementation look like? 
Digital marketing takes hard work! Long data is more important than big data. There are no quick fixes.   

What are your three 3 favorite examples of good social media marketing?  
Marshmallow concert live in Fortnite!  
Rema 1000 and their Neighbour story.
Skam! (the show, yes it really reflects digital marketing).


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Anbefalt litteratur:

Flow by Csikscentmihaly, Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow by Kahneman and Digital Minimalism by Newport
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What are the things I don't see when I see the things I see?

Ida Serneberg

Dette er Noroff School of technology and digital media

Noroff is an educational institution in Norway, consisting of university college, vocational school, and online studies. We have campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand.