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Collection: CLEANTECH

Assurance in Digitalization

Gjest: Liv Astri Hovem


DNV Accelerator

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija chats with Liv Astri Hovem, the CEO of DNV Accelerator, about the shifting supply chain, the reduction of waste in the energy transformation and explains the challenges of going from oil and gas to renewable energy in a world which is becoming more and more digitalized. She also touches on what this means in reality for all of us, like in the healthcare sector, where she explains the value of having a system in place to guarantee that the quality of service remains high, before, during, and after the digitalization process.

What is your Education?

I have an MSC Structural Engineering from NTNU and an MSC Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering from UC at Berkeley.

Do you have any hobbies?

Hobbies, family, friends Skiing, Sports, outdoors, gardening, literature, and arts.

What is your professional dream?

To be useful and contribute to solving the big problems, and create a working environment where others also can be themselves and contribute.

What is your project at work, and why it is important?

Digital health: we need assurance during this big transformation.

 Why is it challenging, and how do you build the culture around this work?

My sector is a complex sector due to legacy, risks, regulations, country-specific requirements, and build a culture that is curious, collaborative, belief in technology, and purpose-driven.

Any interesting dilemmas?

There are interesting dilemmas around the need for international collaboration vs national focus to win elections.

What is your relation to digitalization, in simplest terms?

To demonstrate the practical advantage for the end-users.

What is your relation to sustainability, in simplest terms?

Energy operators should aim at providing low carbon energy at the lowest possible cost and believe technology will deliver. 

And finally, what is your view on skills for the future:

 An essential skill will be understanding how to deal with people.

Dette LØRNER du:

You will learn

Digital infrastructure

Quality assurance

Systematic thinking


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We need assurance during this transformation

Liv Astri Hovem

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