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Collection: SOME, Digital Marketing with Maria Sääksjärvi

LØRN MASTERS in Digital Marketing with Maria Sääksjärvi, lecture 02 examples

Gjest: Maria Sääksjärvi

Associate Professor


Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this Episode of #LØRN, Silvija Seres talks to Maria Sääksjärvi, who is an expert in digital marketing and teaches this at the Norwegian School of business, BI. The second part of the course dives into the most commonly used methods in digital marketing, such as social media and influencer marketing and, video marketing. Maria also describes her favorite examples of excellent digital marketing and why they impress her.

Who are you, privately?
A music-lover and a down-to-earth dreamer. 

Who are you, professionally?

A creativity and innovation specialist who is also a tech enthusiast.  

What is your “mission” at work?
Be the best you can.  

Define in one sentence the subject?
Marketing 4.0  

Why do you find the SUBJECT important and interesting?

Digital Marketing is interesting because it’s always changing.  

 What’s the origin story?
I started working at Accenture in 2000 and got introduced to the wonderful world of coding and how it led to innovative products and services.  

What are the three main milestones in the development of the subject?
Email, social media, machine learning.  

What are the main pitfalls?
Not having a clear strategy but simply doing what everyone else is doing.  

What are the best steps to get started? 
Formulate a digital marketing strategy.  

How can success be measured?
KPIs such as conversion rate.  


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Maria Sääksjärvi

Dette er BI

BI - Norwegian Business school is organized as a foundation and is accredited as a scientific college. BI has its main campus in Nydalen in Oslo, and has regional campuses in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.