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Collection: AI

Stop telling yourself it’s a tricky topic

Gjest: Tom Allen


The AI Journal

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In this episode of our Applied AI series with Tom Allen, the founder of the AI Journal, he explains to Silvija Seres his vision for democratizing knowledge about AI. He believes nothing will be left untouched by AI by 2030 and describes in detail how AI is used to predict everything from forest fires to cutting costs in the business world. Tom details many different examples of how AI may change our world, including how VR and AI are now being used in surgery.

What’s your name, title, and organization?
Tom Allen, Founder, The AI Journal.

What are your education and hobbies?
Bromsgrove School. Nottingham Trent University doing Business Management and Marketing with a placement year at Sogeti, subsidiary of Capgemini. Reading long walks, and adventure-driven activities such as traveling and skydiving.

What’s your professional motivation, your main project at work and why is it important?
Provide a free platform to help people learn and understand AI and emerging technology. Provide as many free resources and content as possible to help businesses, teams, and individuals.

Why is it challenging, and how do you build the culture around this work?
Don’t look at challenges, look at the opportunities and rewards. Created a community that has grown organically with no paid media from 4,000 people in December 2020 to 29,700 + today.

What is AI, in simplest terms?
A prediction tool to help make better decisions in any industry/sector/business

What’s the basic history of AI?
Alan Turing was the apparent founder of AI. Today it’s grown into a must for businesses. Only recently becoming a hot topic mainly because of Machine Learning (a subset of AI). People are obsessed with predictions, forecasting, and AI provides a tool that can do it the most accurately. Going forward AI will make up the largest portion of intelligence on the planet.

How does AI work in practice?
Works in so many different ways. Predicting and spotting faults on manufacturing lines. Discovering new medicines by machine learning patterns and testing them rigorously 24/7/365. Running simulations on plane engines through technologies such as Digital Twins to ensure they will perform at peak performance while costing lower. Smart cities using AI to map traffic light systems for quicker commutes and lower risk of car crashes. Better understanding community water usage which reduces water wastage saving residents money on their water bill. Testing airplane engines rigorously for errors through digital twins to stop faults and ultimately deaths. Analyzing optimal flight paths so less fuel is used while passengers get to their destination quicker, also potentially reducing the cost of their plane ticket. Using AI to spot early-stage cancer, resulting in lowered medical bills for the patient. Using precision robotics on a surgery table to reduce the risk of human error and the rate of success of highly precise keyhole surgery.

What does a successful implementation look like?
Great feedback loops with the data developer team to make sure it’s spotting correct flaws or providing the right opportunities.

What are the major pitfalls?
Just because it’s powerful, doesn’t mean it’s always right. Can lead to a lot of disastrous situations and is regarded by Elon Musk as more dangerous than nuclear warheads.


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It doesn’t cost anything nor is it illegal to dream big. People drive transformation, not technology.

Tom Allen

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