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Collection: EDTECH, OiW

EdTech for future learning

Gjest: Alex Spiro Latsis

Managing partner

Brighteye Venture

Med Vert: Silvija Seres

In the fourth episode of the warm-up with Lørn.tech x OiW, Silvija meets the managing partner of Brighteye Ventures, Alex Spiro Latsis. Brighteye Ventures is the leading EdTech fund in Europe and its goal is to find and invest in technology companies that help people learn. In the conversation, Alex describes Brighteye Ventures' ambitions for the future of Edtech, explains what is so special about the Nordic Edtech community, and reveals why Brighteye Venture chooses to invest in European entrepreneurs and startups. OiW is fast approaching, and Alex is a speaker on the track "Startup and Entrepreneurial Ventures". 

Who are you, and how did you become interested in innovation and technology?
I’m Greek and British but grew up in Switzerland. I’m a serial entrepreneur by background. Started my first company at 26 yrs old, in the publishing and media space. I took it to profitability and then launched a content licensing company, which sold TV and film rights to Disney, Dreamworks, Netflix, Sony, and others. I Co-developed one of the first 5 Netflix Children’s originals, which went on to win multiple awards including multiple Daytime Emmys and BAFTAs. I then moved into software as the kid's media space began its transformation and developed learning games for android and IOS, with a focus on early numeracy, literacy, and STEM. During my executive MBA, I noticed the gap in the funding market for early-stage Edtech in Europe and teamed up with partner Ben Wirz, who had been running an edtech and media fund out of the Knight Foundation to found Brighteye in 2017.

What is the most important thing you do at work?
Evaluating early-stage companies, advising on boards.

What do you focus on in technology/ innovation?

Why is this important?
50% of the world is learning online, yet just 5% of spend is online. We are at a turning point similar to Mary Meeker’s media gap, which gave rise to success stories like Google and Facebook.

Why is it exciting?
There have never been so many exciting and innovative companies in the space.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
Because of covid, much of k12 learning is happening online, producing a boom in this sub-sector of edtech. What happens next, as kids go back to in-person schooling?

Your relevant projects in the last year?
Funding more than 10 companies. Kahoot is a great example of how Scandinavian companies have excelled in producing engaging products at the intersection of learning and play.

Do you have a favorite quote?
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” - Aristoteles

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Alex Spiro Latsis

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Brighteye Ventures looks for exciting start ups at the intersection of learning, entertainment and creativity to empower and expand the frontiers of human potential and are now the leading EdTech venture capital fund in Europe. Leveraging deep experience and relationships in tech, education, media, and VC