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What do you get with Lørn University?


More than 900 podcast episodes with curriculum in technology and society


Free access to all podcasts with micro-courses lasting a maximum of one hour for NOK 99,- per month


The courses - regardless of size - are rewarded with a diploma that is perfect to use on your CV

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About Lørn University

Lørn University is a digital learning platform led by Silvija Seres. Lørn University offers audio-based micro-learning, which revolutionizes the educational format by implementing audio as theoretical sources that constitute knowledge-rich microgrades that can be acquired anywhere and anytime. Silvija Seres is the founder of Norway's most popular platform for technology podcasts - Lørn.Tech, which serves as a curriculum for over 900 episodes in 35 technology topics. Society is developing at record speed, so current theory must be learned quickly by everyone. Lørn you too!


How does it work?

  1. Listen to a podcast
  2. Take the quiz with a duration of 3 minutes
  3. Get a course certificate to update your CV with

Update your CV with course certificates!

Do you have testimonials from the times you took your own initiative to learn? Probably not! That is the whole point of Lørn University, namely to be able to present and prove your learning. Use the certifications you take with us on your CV!


No one should waste time on skills that soon will be useless. We must learn relevant theory for the future, Founder Silvija Seres

Our partners


Do you want courses specially developed for your company?

Contact linda@lorn.tech to plan the production of podcast episodes and courses - tailored for you or your company!


Do you have any questions? Click at the button below to explore and learn more about Lørn University!